Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OH, My God!!

After the stupendous success of “Bheja Fry” and "Dasvidaniya" Vinay Pathak returns in a lead role in this feel-good comedy “Oh My God”. Bollywood Movie Oh My God is produced by Amit Kapoor on behalf of Zee Limelight. The Movie is directed by Saurabh Srivastava. He has stepped into direction with this film.

Star cast of OH, My God :

Vinay Pathak - Rajendra Daubey is a simple man with big dreams and ambitions. He comes from a simple middle class family and wants to make it in life through his sheer and hard work. He is a hardcore fan of Dhirubhai Ambani and wants to become as success full as he was. He has a sweet wife Suman. Rajendra is a straightforward and focused and have a plan for everything in life. At times he is eccentric but his innocence and sweetness makes him lovable.

Saurabh Shukla - God is different from the usual God that we know. He is lovable, sweet and funny character. Like a normal person, he also gets bored and irritated of the world that he has created. In spite of being the almighty with special powers, he also gets confused with normal human-beings. but finally, he proves his smartness and intelligence making each and everyone say - "OH, My God!!"

Divya Dutta - Suman Dubey is Rajendra's wife. she is very sweet and simple lady. she is very happy in her life and Unlike rajendra, she is satisfied and has no big dreams. But apart from all, she stands by her husband and supports him in whatever he does and desires from his life. other than rajendra, Suman has full faith in God.

Harsh Chhaya - Shekhar

Gaurav Gera - Piddu

Story :

The story of "Oh, my God" resolves around a simple man Rajendra Dubey, a salesman with big dreams, a hard core Dhiru Bhai Ambani fan, who wants to make it big in life but through ethical ways. Suman Dubey is Rajendra's patient and loving wife, who stands by her husband at all times. As Rajendra continues to fail in his various money-making schemes, Suman pleads with God to help her husband. God tries to help Rajendra become successful but is constantly frustrated as Rajendra fails to recognise the opportunities. First-time director Sourabh Srivasatav tells a funny, touching story of a simple man who, with a little help from God, needs to come to terms with his big dreams and find balance in his life.

Nice morals, neat message, tedious film...Oh my God, is that really Vinay Pathak and Sourabh Shrivasta! Hard to believe, since the two actors have almost always delighted you with their slice-of-life portrayals. On the whole, as a debutant director Saurabh Srivastva has chosen a weak story to direct. Oh My God has a weak script and has a very slow pace in the beginning that tapers the effect to an extent. This is a onetime watch movie.

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